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About Us


Who the hell is Bronco Hammer?

Bronco Hammer is some guy who  writes a bunch of books while sitting on his boat with a cold beer. That is about all you need to know.

Oh… So you think you need to know more? Fine… His interests include trucks, boats, horses, sandwiches, guns, and science.

Bronco can be contacted via Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise, look around Coronado Island.  You might see him attending  happy hour at one of the local establishment


Finally, someone is writing old school action

Every book is a hard-boiled action thriller written in the take-no-prisoners style that old school knuckle draggers, barbarians, he-men, and hot super models demand.  

  • Patriotic? Affirmative
  • Pro-police? 10-4
  • Pro-vets?  Isn't everybody?
  • Pro-guns? 2A baby!

Trigger warnings included in every book to ward off commies.


Buy now or the terrorists win!

Are you going to take any crap off of Putin, the Ayatollah, or which ever Korea it is we are sparring with? Of course not. You are tougher than woodpecker lips. You don't take any crap from anybody. So, ORDER A BRONCO HAMMER BOOK NOW, and show the world who's boss. 


Many readers have become better looking, taller, and smarter after reading just one chapter. (results may vary - claims are not based on any actual evidence whatsoever)


Order MAN OF VIOLENCE on Amazon or the commies win! The most over the top blood and guts extreme action thriller of all time. amazon.com/author/broncohammer


Another blood and guts action adventure from Bronco Hammer

How to order a Bronco Hammer novel

Watch this detailed guide on how you can get your grubby mitts on a book by Bronco Hammer, the most dangerous writer in the world.