Am I working hard or hardly working? Well, somewhere in between… unless sipping Mai Tais and thinking mighty thoughts is called working, then I am really being productive.

Ok, I mentioned the book about the retired cop who fights terrorists in Jamaica. That is over 50 percent done. But I got distracted with two short stories. One of the stories is about the process for  selecting of police chiefs. I suggest that candidates should be thrown into a pit to fight to the death. The one who emerges is Chief… but it turned into a dystopian science fiction sort of thing by accident. I had to borrow some personalities from some friends to develop some characters for it. I’ll get your blessing before I post it but it will are a free short story.

The other story is another Bronco Hammer space battle… but it has a long way to go

So back to the Chief thing… I got distracted because of the Hep A epidemic in downtown San Diego. I moved out of their because, in my opinion, the Chief, Mayor, and City Council don’t have the political will  to fix the problem. It is fixable…  so that led to thoughts about virulent outbreaks, collapsing governments (looking at you California) and some other rants bouncing around in the back of my head.

So to summarize here is what is in the pipeline:

  • Free short story
  • New novel
  • New science fiction novel

Whoops… forgot one – another SoCal Noir spin-off featuring JR Ragmoine and some of the San Diego characters. That is another action story that will appeal mainly to people who like 45 better than 44… It’s a Friendship Foundation story about a massive conspiracy involving the former president and Osama Bin Laden. It’s moving along and might be ready for spring.

Enjoy the sunrise photo posted above. Hope you find time to read the books and have a few laughs as my characters shoot and punch their way through hordes of worthless scumbags in the interests of justice and making money.