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Hollywood Scum Must Pay

 A SoCal Noir Detective Story novella

On a sunny LA weekday morning, a Los Angeles police officer is dispatched to the scene of lewd public behavior where he discovers two celebrities in a compromising situation on the hood of a car. The officer never expected a public onslaught of undeserved charges of racism, sexism, and brutality to explode across cable news and the internet.

To the rescue comes Beauregard O. Gilpenny, superstar attorney and stalwart defender of street cops. Gilpenny turns the tides of public opinion and puts a heavy duty smackdown on half-wit Hollywood dirtbags, cowardly police administrators, crooked politicians, and sniveling virtue signalers, like only the great Gilpenny can… and of course, Hollywood Scum must Pay.

Trigger warnings

  • Pro-police in general
  • Pro-LAPD
  • Pro-patrol division / uniform street officers
  • Celebrities look stupid throughout
  • Alligator skin garments worn
  • Guns displayed
  • TV talk show hosts intimidated
  • Hippies punched
  • Hippies kicked in seat of pants
  • Celebrities crushed by talk radio shock jocks
  • and much, much more

Order from the Kindle Book Store here for 99 cents.