Fistful of Communists

I’m following up on my promise to give you a free short story. I guarantee you will get what you paid out of it. This is a down and dirty dystopian post-apocolyptic typical Bronco Hammer short story.  I’ll post the trigger warnings below for anyone who is sensitive. I really don’t want to offend you… or listen to you whine.

Get your free book by clicking the link below… if you want an ePub or Kindle version just DM me and I’ll send it.

Google Drive Download location






Trigger Warnings:

  • Freedom
  • Guns
  • Australians
  • HumVees
  • Bad guys who are rude… also stupid
  • Pointless violence throughout
  • Heroic good guys who aren’t all that good
  • Excessive gunfighting for no discernible reason
  • A tank
  • Fights to the death
  • Possible fart joke
  • Drinking
  • Trucks
  • Rough Language
  • Communists doing commie stuff
  • and much, much more