I am once again taking some time to respond to readers about some of their experiences and concerns.  I value readers because 1) they can read, and 2) they read my books… this makes them important… remember that.

So to the readers’ concerns at hand:

Question 1 – Bronco, do you recommend that I wear a helmet and a sidearm when I read your books?  

Answer  to question 1 – absolutely… Bronco Hammer books will be carrying a warning in the future with a recommendation to wear a helmet and a gun when reading. You should also have a helmet and a gun when not reading. Get a helmet. Get a gun… then read… or not… ‘Murica!

Question 2 – Bronco Hammer were you the lead singer in the band Aerosmith? Was that fun?

Answer to question 2 – Everything I do is fun.  I sang all the songs for the studio tracks, but I used a skinny hippy to lip-synch the music on tours. Bronco Hammer can’t discuss this further due to confidentiality agreements. 

Question 3 – I read a Bronco Hammer book and now hot super-models keep trying to make out with me… which is ok, except I’m a girl. 

Answer to question 3 – Go ahead and email me some some photos of this phenomena so I can study it further. Thanks for reporting this. 

Question 4 – From Kenny W. – Bronco when will you be coming out with coloring books for your younger audience ? never to early to get the minds set on the right path.

Answer to question 4 – Very soon… I just need the right artist and $200.

Question 5 – from Elvis B. – Are ye drinking with the rest of the pirates under the bridge, mate?

Answer to question 5 – yes… yes I am… 

Question 6 – From Jeff T – “Can I be an associate producer and what does a job like that pay?”

As soon as a big shot Hollywood type sends a check for film rights, I’ll recommend you… 

And now on to the mailbox… here are some of the valuable comments that have come over the rail:

From Randy L in Colorado (reference Die You Slimy Maggot) – “Good story, fun read. I read it and lost 25 pounds of fat, gained 40 pounds of lean muscle and my hair grew back. On my head, I mean. Angelina Jolie won’t stop calling now. Poor kid, she can’t have me.
Read the book, see how your life changes.”

Eric D received some Bronco Hammer books for Christmas in spite of his behavior this year. He said, “Santa has received my plea and has commanded his white van driving elf to deliver a smiling package of joy”

Sean A. said (reference to Fistful of Communists),” I read this story at lunch today, and need more! Reading it made me lose an inch off my hips, and gain 4 on my biceps! It was amazing. I could feel the extra manliness distributing through my body, to my soul, as I absorbed the literary Majesty of this prime sample of testosterone fueled storytelling. May God have mercy on any Beta males who foolishly attempt to read this…”

Bunny W from Australia said (reference BH’s computer), “How the bloody hell can you type on that shit of a thing. Geesus mate splash out and get some quality machinery”

This concludes the Bronco Hammer Briefing Center Update – Stay tuned for the next book, “See You In Hell”  and if you have even a lick of common sense, order “Die You Filthy Animal” immediately… and all the rest of them…


Bronco Hammer – Above average individual and Mai Tai Enthusiast