The next novel is getting close to ready… It may be my greatest masterpiece since Spank Me With a Dead Midget. Like most of the Bronco Hammer novels, it is basically 300 or so pages of fart jokes and gun fights… Being America’s greatest literary mind is not easy… I don’t know how I do it.  I’ll post another excerpt from the new book in a few days. 

The recently released short story, Fistful of Communists, has received enough positive vibes that I will try to bang out a full book using that storyline and characters next year. I have to finish a Saylor Patron book and another new Bronco Hammer versus Assholes from Space book as well, so I will be busy.

In the latter, the fictionalized character of Bronco Hammer will be battling creatures from the mines of Southern Arizona to ghost monsters from the far side of the moon because… ‘Murica

In the former, Saylor Patron will leave San Diego and go on a road trip to New Mexico and Arizona to deal with mobsters and dirty politicians… so a bunch of gun fights and macho BS is on the way. 

Lastly another Joe JR Ragmoine story is in development mode… 

Someone suggested a good title for a bad ass chick story, I really liked the concept, so I might put that together too…

Have a happy Thanksgiving, eat food, and intimidate the communists with your outstanding American awesomeness. 

FYI – If you want autographed books for Christmas, with shipping they might run about $20 a pop… expensive… maybe you should just get a loved one a case of beer instead, but if you insist, let me know asap… Maybe I can get my creative consultant to do his job for a change and get those sent out to you… If you see him, let him know we are running low on beer aboard the boat, so he needs to re-provision post haste … You can’t get good help these days. I only keep him around because its his boat.


From reader Sean:

I read this story at lunch today, and need more! Reading it made me lose an inch off my hips, and gain 4 on my biceps! It was amazing. I could feel the extra manliness distributing through my body, to my soul, as I absorbed the literary Majesty of this prime sample of testosterone fueled storytelling. May God have mercy on any Beta males who foolishly attempt to read this…

Sean is correct, of course… Reading these books has elevated his consciousness to genius level, but he is too humble to mention that… So to summarize his thoughts, read my books, and then automatically get muscles. Beta males are at risk if attempting to achieve super manliness through reading my books… always consult a physician before reading if you are a puss…


In a facebook post I mentioned choking out great white sharks… one of our leading scientists here at the Bronco Hammer Briefing Center advised me that sharks do not seem to have necks. It might be difficult to choke them out.  I recommend that you go ahead and try it anyway… for the sake of science. What can go wrong?

I previously mentioned in a twitter post that reading Bronco Hammer books puts hair on your chest… TO CLARIFY – it puts hair on men’s chests… not women’s chests… women simply become more shapely and sexy after reading a Bronco Hammer action story… I don’t know why that is true, or even if it is true, but its probably true.