It has come to the attention of the Bronco Hammer Briefing Center that reading Bronco Hammer novels is causing a national  outbreak of intense manliness…. remember to read the warning labels on Bronco Hammer novels before indulging. Some reports include:

Sean –  Because of the extra testosterone the book created, my goatee grew a beard.

Jack – Hammer Books have BEEN PROVEN (so I heard or made up ) to Make you Smarter. Taller, Faster, Better than VIAGRA

Dennis –  I’m working on my second Hammer novel…Hollywood Scum Must Die, an appropriate title for today’s current affairs. Loving the fact that I’m already smarter, taller, faster (ok, that’s all lies), however, I can say for sure, before reading any of these books, I am not a commie.

Tim – I ordered two tonight from Amazon. I already feel taller and I’m not sure how much more smarter I could possibly be (Note: It has been widely reported but not confirmed that Tim invaded Russia with a spoon… Generals in the Kremlin allegedly pooped their pants in fear)

Elvis –  I read one and I swear I’m taller and smarter. Try it and you’ll love it.

Jeff – (the editorial staff the Briefing Center has been unable to find a way to correctly spell a primeval growl, but that was his response)

Bronco Hammer wishes to publicly acknowledge these heroic Americans for their service to humanity