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Bronco Hammer
Bronco Hammer

Welcome to Bronco Hammer’s secret command post aboard the Wandering Star, docked somewhere in Southern California. Find a chair and sit down, I’ll start the briefing now.

Today we will cover the books and how they line up. There are the SoCal Noir detective stories (and by detectives I mean heavily-armed violent vigilantes on dangerous missions), and the science fiction story – Assholes from Space, as well as a police procedural titled Narc in the Dark.

The characters in the SoCal Noir detective stories are a loose confederation of like-minded vigilantes, each of whom has numerous character flaws that are somewhat balanced by a twisted, yet sincere, sense of justice. Most of the protagonists could probably be deemed criminals, I suppose.  But flawed good guys are better than no good guys, especially if you are outnumbered by a bunch of dirtbags.

In these stories, the women are hot, the men are tough, and the bad guys are the scum of the earth. There is a lot of strong language, shooting, and fighting. The rest of the books, A-Holes from Space and Narc in the Dark, are about the same kind of stuff. That about covers my pre-read briefing.

One caveat before we start; if you have any sensitivities about guns, foul language, violence, misogyny, or social justice issues, please put the story down and slowly step away. My books are written for vets, cops, active military, blue collars, no collars, fishermen, wrench turners, hockey players, truck drivers, off road racers, boaters (they read anything), drinkers (which automatically includes most boaters), knuckle draggers, super models, old farts, young farts, and intermediate farts and those who love them… Maybe not super models. I don’t actually know what they like to read. But they should read these books.

So what I am trying to tell you is that these books are certainly not stories written to entertain the eternally outraged. If you are hyper-sensitive about social justice issues, please don’t read this, but if you do, don’t come crying to me because you pooped your diaper.

Everyone else, welcome aboard. I appreciate your time, and I hope you find these stories entertaining. 

Bronco Hammer

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